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Malarone Paediatric (Atovaquone Proguanil)

Malarone Paediatric

Malarone Paediatric is used for the prevention and treatment of malaria in children. It is particularly suitable for short trips to areas of the world which have become highly chloroquine-resistant.

* This product is a prescription-only medication (POM). You cannot order this item unless you have a valid prescription from a medical practitioner. The original prescription will need to be posted to us before we can dispense this drug. Instructions are provided during the ordering process. There is no VAT on prescription-only medications.

 I have a Legal Private Prescription ready to post or Avon Pharmacy holds my repeat prescription  

£0.70 (per tablet)*


Dosage for Malarone Paediatric

Malarone is licensed in the UK for continuous use up to 28 days, although it is sometimes prescribed for periods of up to 3 months. The child dose varies depending on the weight of the child. For children between 11-20kg, 1 tablet should be taken daily; between 21-30kg, 2 tablets should be taken daily as a single dose; between 31-40kg, 3 tablets should be taken daily as a single dose. The child should start taking the tablet(s) 1-2 days before entering a malarious area, and continuing for 7 days afterwards.

For example, one child who weighs 25kg travelling for 14 days in a malarious area, would need a total of 44 tablets: 2 + 28 + 14 = 44.

Further Information about Malarone Paediatric

For more information about the dosage and side-effects of Malarone Paediatric, click here to download the Patient Information Leaflet from the Electronic Medicines Compendium.

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