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Avon Pharmacy is regulated and inspected by the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain. Registration number 1091159.
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Mosquito Nets

Lifesystems Bed Bug Undersheet

Lifesystems Bed Bug Undersheet
When travelling and staying in hostels or cheaper accomodation, bed bugs can be a source of distress and causes discomfort. Our EX-8 permethrin impregnated Bed Bug Sheet will help protect against these insects.

£9.35 inc. VAT (@ 20%) (per item)

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Lifesystems Mosquito Head Net Hat

Lifesystems Mosquito Head Net Hat
Mosquitoes are not the only insects that can cause irritation by biting. In wetland and coastal areas it is common to find smaller biting insects such as midges and sand files. Our Head Net and Head Net Hat have extra fine mesh to help keep these insects away from your face and neck.

£11.22 inc. VAT (@ 20%) (per item)

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Lifesystems Mosquito Net Hanging Kit

Lifesystems Mosquito Net Hanging Kit
Biting insects are particularly active during twilight and at night, so a mosquito net is an important accessory in regions where there is a risk.

£4.67 inc. VAT (@ 20%) (per item)

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